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Coach Requirements

Interested in Coaching Soccer?

Follow the steps below to start (or renew) the process to become a coach for Decatur County Soccer Club. 

Register for the Current Season

Register as a Coach volunteer for upcoming season once registration opens.
Please check our website for open registration.

2. Complete Background Check & Required Training

All coaches MUST complete a background check, concussion training and SafeSport training.

"During the spring of 2020, Indiana Soccer will be implementing an updated risk management policy. The updated policy will require all coaches and managers to successfully complete the Safe Sports Act training prior to participating. This will apply to all levels of play.. "

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Background Check
Concussion Training


Login to Got Soccer
If you have already coached you may already have an account.

If you do not have an account please be sure you have registered for current season then: Email the Club Admins

Organization: 'U.S. Soccer' 
Access Code: on the GotSoccer page below where you click 'Start Course'.

3. Review Coach Guidelines

Fall Soccer Guidelines

Spring Soccer Guidelines

This guideline is your 'go to' resource for Decatur County Soccer Club rules and policies.
The guidelines above include rules regarding policies, game rules, game formats, and practice information. This also includes the Coach's Code of Conduct.

4. Review Club Policies

Cold Weather Policy

Hot Weather Policy

Lightning Policy
All outdoor activities (practices and games) are to be suspended when lightning appears or thunder is heard. Practice will be suspended for 30 minutes from the last flash of lightning/sound of thunder. Remember that lightning can travel 10 miles in either direction.

5. Review Coach Resources

Indiana Soccer - Coaching Resources



You may find it interesting to examine the origins of the word, “Coach”. The word originates in England, from “coach” as in “carriage”; a vehicle that transports one from where they are now, to where they want to be [...]

Why do people volunteer to coach soccer? There are many different reasons – some better than others. Some do it for the love of the game and because they would like to share their knowledge with others. Some coach for more selfish reasons, because they want to make sure that their sons or daughters have as many advantages as possible. Others sign up for the first time because they see other coaches who are in so far over their heads that they’re sure anyone would be an improvement. And some people end up coaching because there are simply no other volunteers willing to take the job and they heroically “step up to the plate” and offer to give it a try.

Whether you’re coaching for one of these reasons or a combination, and regardless of how many years and at what level you’ve played soccer, you can step out on the field with confidence, because [...] CoachDeck enable anyone to run professional-quality practices even if they have no experience or no time to prepare.

However, being a great coach involves more than running great drills. And just as there are different reasons to get into coaching, kids have different reasons for wanting to play. Your team may very well consist of players whose objectives are to make an all-star team, or play in high school or even college. But you may also have players with no such aspirations. They may be on your team for no other reason than that they love to wear the uniform, socialize with friends and get exercise. So going back to the origins of the word, “Coach,” if you buy into the notion that your job is to transport your players to their desired destinations, it is important to understand that they may each have different goals. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you coached them all the same way?

This means you’ve been given a great responsibility, opportunity, and privilege. It means that there will be many children to whom you will be a mentor and major influence. In many cases these kids will remember you for the rest of their lives. If any of this talk of “responsibility” makes you nervous, don’t let it. It’s mostly a lot of fun. If you stick to five basic objectives, you’ll have a lot of success. They are:

  • Keep it safe
  • Make it fun
  • Teach fundamentals
  • Be a model of respect (to officials, parents, players and other coaches)
  • Instill the love of the game

That’s it. If you can keep those five goals in mind through every practice and game, you’ll have done a great job. The rewards for coaching a soccer team are many, and the more prepared you are, the better chance you’ll have of transporting all of your players exactly where they want to go.

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Division Objectives

Coach Objectives

U6 & U8

U6 and U8 share the same objectives,
Having fun while developping all the motor skills
that the player need.


U10 will teach them defense and offense
strategies as well as playing with supports
and dribbling.


U12 is an important step in learning each
position on the field, playing on the sides,
and using direct and indirect plays.


U14 will prepare players for High School, 
developping in depth their technical skills, 
teaching how to defend as a block and
conserve the ball as a team.


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